AD:Yuria Oku
PH:Tomohiro Inazawa
HM:Yuna Kondo
MD:TOMMY、Koudai Motoyama
Flower:Genki Tanaka
What is the concept of fashion tradition?
In Japan, "kimono" was worn as everyday clothing in the past era, even before the 700s. Kimono simply meant "something to wear" then, but after the introduction of Western-style clothing in the Japanese culture, it started to indicate the traditional Japanese clothing.

This work symbolizes the freedom of "what to wear", conveying a message that anything is right in the way you wear these good old kimonos in the present day. It eliminates the "must be this way" concept of kimono and exhibits both kimonos and western-style clothing in a free "dressing" style, that creates one original story. 
Also, it expresses the unique blend of Japanese and Western styles in a way that combines Western style clothing and the traditional Japanese clothing, as well as Japanese style flower arrangement and Western style flower arrangement.
It expresses the image of "dressing" that others imprint in one’s mind, from somewhere no one even realizes, showing the fact that anyone could be trapped in a biased concept and forced to dress in certain ways.
It expresses how free ideas blossom and start to get colored in mind. The models represent a Kenzan, a tool to hold flowers, or a vase used in Japanese style flower arrangement. The left model expresses the Japanese style flower arrangement, and the other expresses Western style flower arrangement.
One dresses Kimono beautifully following the traditional example, and the other does it in a combination with Western style clothing, which expresses the harmony of Japanese and Western styles.
It expresses the image of Japan in other countries and the chaos created by a blend of Japanese and Western style clothing, conveying that there is no right or wrong in fashion.

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